George Fox at 400 – short film activity

Quaker Founder George Fox will be 400 next year! The Quaker Arts Network (QAN) in partnership with BYM Children and Young People’s committee has launched a programme as part of the celebration of George Fox’s 400th anniversary in 2024. 

We are inviting Children’s Meetings, Quaker Schools, Local Meetings and any other interested Quaker groups and individuals to make very short films which will be posted on the QAN website and we hope used for outreach in other ways.  We are looking for a range of imaginative ideas, but a high level of professional skill is not needed.    There is more information on the QAN Website and detailed notes of guidance can be downloaded from there. There’s also a sample film to watch. 

We think this will be an exciting initiative as long as enough Friends are tempted to have a go!  Stourbridge Children’s Meeting (The Rainbows) is already working on its film.

There is also a pack created by FWCC, with other ideas for activities around Fox’s 400th anniversary.

Stock photo by Blue Bird on