Investor engagement on modern slavery

James Bradbury shares how CCLA (which many Quaker funds are invested with) is launching its first UK modern slavery benchmark.

The CCLA Ethical Investment Fund is the “investment of choice” for Central England Quakers – two thirds of central reserves are invested in the Fund, and most Local Meetings with investments have placed their investments in this fund.

In addition to managing the fund, which it does extremely well, CCLA follows a policy of “engagement” – using its investor power to change the behaviour of companies.  Its latest engagement project is a benchmarking exercise which assesses the largest listed companies in the UK on the steps they are taking to eradicate modern slavery in their operations and supply chains.  According to CCLA:- 

“We believe investors have a key role to play in helping companies deliver systemic change in the fight against modern slavery. The benchmark is a tool for investors to support engagement efforts and to help you understand the level to which companies are active in the fight against modern slavery”.

This assessment may provide a useful resource to Friends interested in modern (as well as historical) slavery.