As Covid restrictions are lifted in England, Quaker Meetings are considering how to continue to offer Meeting for Worship and other services whilst remianing safe, following advice from CEQ trustees and Britain Yearly Meeting. Please check directly with Meetings before travelling.

Some Quaker Meetings may continue to hold remote meeting for worship, please check with individual Meetings for details. Woodbrooke are offering online meeting for worship, which anyone is welcome to join.

Central England Quakers is a group of Quaker Meetings within the Midlands: including the cities of Birmingham and Coventry, the Black Country, and the surrounding areas.  Join us for Meeting for Worship, and to experience friendship and community.


Peacemakers Share Annual Report - Our project Peacemakers (West Midlands Quaker Peace Education Project) present their Annual Report and Accounts for 2021: Download Peacemakers Annual Report 2021 “We know we face many problems as a society and many that fall under Peacemakers’ sphere of interest:… Continue Reading
An Update from the CEQ Office - This week Ann-Louise Rowlands is going on maternity leave and will not be working in the CEQ office. Her baby is expected in June and I will let Friends know when she arrives. We wish her and the family well… Continue Reading
Yearly Meeting Booking - Bookings for online sessions close tomorrow (Friday 20th May). Registration to attend in person (and for the young people and families programme) has already closed. Yearly Meeting (YM) is our annual opportunity for Quakers across Britain to come together in… Continue Reading
Area-wide Online Meeting for Worship - AM online (Zoom) Meeting for Worship on Sundays 5-6pm is starting back after a break over Easter.  This is a weekly online AM-wide Meeting for Worship, with half an hour for silent worship and half a hour as led: worship… Continue Reading
Preparation for our Special Area Meeting - Updated with a Word version of the registration form, which should be easier to fill out. A special all-age Area Meeting will be held on Saturday 21st May to consider The Future of Central England Quakers: What does love require… Continue Reading

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  • Reflections on Easter 26/05/2022 at Barnt Green & Redditch Quaker Meeting House, Barnt Green. Jesus the Ultimate Scapegoat: Why the Empty Tomb? – Barnt Green & Redditch Quakers warmly invite you to join these sessions engaging with Scripture. In these two sessions (Thursdays 12th & 26th May), we will explore the thinking of the French philosopher, René Girard on the root cause of violence in society.  His understanding of how the commandment, ‘you…

  • Yearly Meeting 27/05/2022 - 30/05/2022 at Online and at Friends House, London. – Yearly Meeting (YM) is our annual opportunity for Quakers across Britain to come together in worship, learning and inspiration. This year Quakers can attend Yearly Meeting online, or in person at Friends House in London on 27–30 May 2022. Preparatory events will also run online from 21 May. All members…

  • Film Night at Coventry Film Night at Coventry 09/06/2022 at Coventry Quaker Meeting House, Coventry. Life of Brian – Coventry Quaker Film Club will now be held on every second Thursday starting with 9th June at 7pm prompt when we will be watching  the 1979 genius comedy: Monty Python's Life of Brian (12A). Coventry Quakers  invite you to join our Film Night. This will feature movies played on our…

  • Quaker Concerns Study Group 13/06/2022 Online. Ethical Banking – A study group held on Zoom by Bournville Local Meeting. In this series of meetings, we have invited a concerned Friend to talk to us about his/her involvement with a particular concern, why they became involved and what their experience has been. Some of the Friends invited to share their experience with us come from within Central England AM, others from further afield.

  • Area Meeting June 2022 Area Meeting June 2022 18/06/2022 at Cotteridge Quaker Meeting House, Birmingham. – Our Area Business Meeting is a special type of Meeting for Worship used to make decisions: from how Quakers spend our money, to adopting a Concern.

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