As Covid restrictions are lifted in England, Quaker Meetings are considering how to continue to offer Meeting for Worship and other services whilst remianing safe, following advice from CEQ trustees and Britain Yearly Meeting. Please check directly with Meetings before travelling.

Some Quaker Meetings may continue to hold remote meeting for worship, please check with individual Meetings for details. Woodbrooke are offering online meeting for worship, which anyone is welcome to join.

Central England Quakers is a group of Quaker Meetings within the Midlands: including the cities of Birmingham and Coventry, the Black Country, and the surrounding areas.  Join us for Meeting for Worship, and to experience friendship and community.


Principal Officer now in post - Sarah Barker, our new Principal Officer for Central England Quakers, is now in post, and sends a message to Friends across the Area Meeting: It was lovely to meet some of you at Woodbrooke during the AM Away Day on… Continue Reading
Little Amal returns to Central England - This Refugee Week saw the return of Little Amal, a 3m high puppet which in 2021 undertook a journey from Syria to the UK, representing millions of child refugees worldwide. Earlier today (Thursday 23rd June) Little Amal travelled through Birmingham… Continue Reading
Catch Up with the Swarthmore Lecture - Many Friends will have already seen this year's Swarthmore Lecture, but for those who haven't it is availble as a video. The Swarthmore Lecture takes place each year during Britain Yearly Meeting, funded for and organised by Woodbrooke. The lecture… Continue Reading
Preparing for the Commonwealth Games - Updated with the latest newsletter and opportunities for Quaker Meetings to be involved. The Commonwealth Games will be held in Birmingham, with events also taking place in Coventry, Sandwell, Warwick and Wolverhampton, from Thursday 28 July to Monday 8 August… Continue Reading
Epistle from Yearly Meeting - The Epistle from Britain Yearly Meeting 2022 is now available as text and read in a video by Clerk Siobhan Haire. Friends gathered for Yearly Meeting at Friends House in London, Hemel Hempstead and online. Faith in action meetings took… Continue Reading

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  • Piano recital in aid of Ukraine Piano recital in aid of Ukraine 08/07/2022 at Unitarian Chapel, Warwick. Dance! – Warwick Quakers present a piano recital by John Sheldon in aid of the DEC Ukraine appeal. Programme will include dances from Ukraine as well as classical dances from France, Ireland, Poland, Roumania, Scotland and Spain. Tickets £8 (under 18s free; refreshments incl.) buy from the Warwick Quaker Community Café or…

  • Meeting for Worship for Peace 09/07/2022 at Sutton Coldfield Quaker Meeting House, Sutton Coldfield. – Sutton Quakers will be holding a blended Meeting for Worship for Peace, where we will hold in the Light all those who are suffering as a result of armed conflict, wherever they may live in the world. We will also uphold all those who are working for peace. Members of…

  • Quaker Concerns Study Group 11/07/2022 Online. Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network – A study group held on Zoom by Bournville Local Meeting. This month we welcome Sheila Mosley of Leicester AM to discuss the work of QARN. Sheila writes: "It all started with music in 2001, asking people ‘do you sing’ - because I do and music crosses all sorts of borders, developing friendships with people making asylum claims, being refused asylum, locked in detention, removed from UK, endlessly waiting for decisions, and a burning sense of injustice has driven me to work for change ever since." Meeting ID: 874 4299 2086 Password: George

  • Film Night at Coventry Film Night at Coventry 14/07/2022 at Coventry Quaker Meeting House, Coventry. Pacifism Under Test – On Thursday 14th July at 7pm we will be watching Pacifism Under Test.This presents personal responses and reflections of some of those who served in the  Friends Ambulance Unit (FAU) and the Friends Relief Service (FRS) and gives an insight into the Quaker Peace Testimony when confronted with the evils…

  • Area Meeting July 2022 Area Meeting July 2022 21/07/2022 at Warwick Quaker Meeting House, Warwick. – Our Area Business Meeting is a special type of Meeting for Worship used to make decisions: from how Quakers spend our money, to adopting a Concern.

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