Book Review: “Do Quakers Pray?”

Jaidon Guida-Lumiere reviews “Do Quakers Pray?” by Jennifer Kavanagh (Quaker Quicks).

Enlightening, empowering and enchanting, this book is a life-enriching experience for anyone wishing to understand exactly what prayer involves and how to embed a life of prayer.

An easy-to-read and informative book on praying, this literary work is weaved with beautiful nuggets of wisdom on prayer, prompting the reader into deep thought. Simple and very effective in its message, the book arouses the reader into an awakening of a prayerful life. Explaining the notion of prayer, it leaves a positive impression in what can be an often-misunderstood way of life. The book is a great tool to develop a life of inner stillness, peace and spiritual practice. Distilling often preconceived concepts, the book elucidates the concept of prayer allowing the reader to explore their own spiritual journey on prayer.

Although it may look as though the book is tailored to Quakers, anyone can read this book and take advice from a spiritual perspective on how to develop a life of prayer. This is truly a wonderfully written book for people from all faiths and backgrounds.

Jennifer’s skill of writing and penmanship transforms it into a page-turning and life-­improving experience. Insights and experiences from various Quakers enhance the book’s message, with excerpts from their lived experience. These experiences add depth and beauty to the meaning of prayer.

The book gives life a new meaning, a new purpose and a new beginning. The message of the book is beautifully crafted. It is a useful guide for those individuals seeking a peaceful, tranquil and serene way of living, using prayer as the light in our lives.

A must-read for anyone wishing to understand prayer and a brilliant reference book that can be read over and over again. It brings the power of peace and prayer, particularly during a time of global adversity. It is a much-needed antidote in a world of hostility. This book can truly bring transformative change.

“Do Quakers Pray?” is available from the Quaker Bookshop.