Laid Down: Edgbaston

Edgbaston Quaker Meeting was laid down on 1st January 2021, and Meeting for Worship will no longer be taking place at this location. Other Quaker Meetings in Central England will be happy to welcome you.

A working group has formed to develop the idea of an Edgbaston Quaker and Community Centre.

Part of Area Meeting Minute 2020.063 reads:

We agree that Edgbaston Local Meeting should be laid down from 1st January 2021. Therefore, we recommend that Trustees should take over management of the property and the Edgbaston Local Meeting assets, which will be ringfenced.

We support the working group continuing to develop this concept of an Edgbaston Quaker and Community Centre, bearing in mind that any management of staff and building could be an added burden on Central England Quakers, and exploring the possibility of it becoming a separate legal entity.

We look forward to hearing further in due course.

As Covid restrictions continue to evolve, Quaker Meetings are considering if, how and when to offer meeting for worship and other services, in accordance with government guidance and advice from CEQ trustees and Britain Yearly Meeting. Please check directly with Meetings before travelling.

Some Quaker Meetings may continue to hold remote meeting for worship, please check with individual Meetings for details. Woodbrooke are offering online meeting for worship, which anyone is welcome to join.

Laid Down: Edgbaston
St James Rd
Birmingham, B15 1JP
United Kingdom