Simplifying Structures Workshop

15/11/2021, 8:00 am - 9:30 am


How can we create a central governance structure for Quakers in Britain that encourages joyful participation by many Quakers? How do we make the best use of resources, our staff, money and carbon?

Carolyn and Ellie, two of the Yearly Meeting Trustees, are leading workshops to explore how Friends from across the yearly meeting want to help shape the future of our work. The workshops will be lively and interactive. Amongst other things we’ll look at:

  • different ways that people express their Quakerism
  • how things have changed since the start of the pandemic
  • how we feel about new ways of working for more involvement, understanding and shaping central work and discernment

Book a place on a workshop.

The workshop on 15 November at 8am is specifically for Friends in the West Midlands.  There are also a number of dates and times for Friends anywhere to join, which you can view on the first page of the booking form.

Read more about Simplifying Structures.

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