Area Meeting March 2020

07/03/2020, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

at Hall Green Quaker Meeting House, Hall Green, Birmingham

In March, Area Meeting is taking place at Hall Green Meeting House, co-hosted by Solihull and Kings Heath Quaker Meetings.

The Meeting House will be open from 10:30am for light refreshments and an informal singing session (using the Quaker Song Book) for anyone who wishes to join in. Although the person originally due to lead the signing is sadly ill, an informal singing session will still go ahead, lead by local Friends.

Area Business Meeting will begin at 2pm.  Agenda items for March include:

  • Meeting for Sufferings Reports: Dec*& Feb;
  • Quaker Life Representative Council Report *;
  • Book of Discipline Conference Reflections *;
  • Observations on Outreach;
  • Quaker Christmas Parcels Feedback;
  • CEQ Trustees Report 2019;
  • Kings Heath Meeting House;
  • Tabular Statement 2019;
  • Triennial Appointment of Elders & Overseers.

Read Papers and Reports ready for Area Meeting

What is an ‘Area Meeting’?

Our Area Business Meeting is a special type of Meeting for Worship used to make decisions: from how Quakers spend our money, to adopting a Concern.

Any Member can attend these meetings and take part in decision making: if you are an attender and would like to attend, please ask an Elder or Overseer at your local meeting.  The meeting will be chaired by a Clerk, who will introduce items of business to be discussed, and allow questions to be asked.  Members of the meeting sit silently in worship, reflecting on the matter in hand and try to Discern the way forward.

Read more about Quaker structures.

Image: Friends Meeting at Cambridge, MA.


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Hall Green Quaker Meeting House
1 Hamlet Road
Hall Green, Birmingham
B28 9BG