Low Carbon Commitment Forum

In 2011, Quakers in Britain made a commitment to become a low carbon community. The Central England Quakers Low Carbon Commitment Forum has met three times a year since, and provides opportunities for Quakers from across the Area Meeting to share progress in reducing carbon footprints and explore the challenges involved.  Most recently the Area Meeting decided to register to become an ‘Eco Area Meeting’ as part of the national A Rocha Eco Church scheme and asked low carbon forum members to support local meetings in becoming Eco Churches.

Food for Thought - Food production, packaging and transport make up a big part of our carbon footprint, and many of us are interested in changing our eating habits to help the environment. It can be difficult to know where to begin, so in 2018 Central England Quakers Sustainability Forum compiled a booklet of 'climate friendly recipes and useful information' to help. Titled 'Food for Thought' this booklet has been popular in paper form, and is now available… Continue Reading
Reflection on No Planet B… - Central England Quakers recently hosted an ecumenical event exploring how we can work together to move to a low carbon future. On Saturday July 29th 72 people gathered at the Quaker rooms in Bull Street under the theme of “No Planet B”. They included Baptists, Methodists, URC, Quakers, Catholics, Anglicans, Unitarians and Franciscan brothers; much of the organising and training was provided by Christian Aid and CAFOD working together. Many had earlier that week… Continue Reading
Sutton Coldfield climate change meeting with Andrew Mitchell MP - Sutton Coldfield Quaker meeting house was full on 22 November for a meeting with local MP, Andrew Mitchell. Update: this meeting recently received coverage in a Sutton Coldfield local newspaper. Continue Reading
Treading Lightly - Several Central England Quakers were very involved with Footsteps' recent interfaith event 'Tread Lightly on this Earth – Exploring Food, Faith & Living Sustainably' Continue Reading
Report on IPCC Launch Event - Chris Martin, Clerk to Central England Quakers' Low Carbon Committment Forum, reports on a national event which highlighted the latest research and ideas for action on climate change. This report is an account of my personal experience of the European Launch of the IPCC Special Report on 1.5° C global warming conference in London on Monday 15 October.  The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report brings together the scientific evidence for the… Continue Reading
Quaker scientist has papers published on greenhouse gases and climate change - Quaker scientist, Richard Tuckett, has just had two peer-reviewed papers published on the science of greenhouse gases and climate change. The first paper is based on Richard’s academic career as a high-resolution gas-phase spectroscopist studying upper atmosphere ‘greenhouse gas’ molecules.  The paper identifies the greenhouse effect of particular molecules and, in particular, the way in which although carbon dioxide and methane are the most significant greenhouse gases, other gases are potentially more powerful and… Continue Reading
‘A Future for All…’ conference - 'A Future for All … Implementing the Christian imperative to care for our World’, held on Saturday 14 July 2018, was the first ecumenical Eco Church conference and was organised by the Central England Quaker Low Carbon Commitment forum and the Birmingham Anglican Climate Action group.  It was attended by 100 Quakers, Anglicans, Baptists, Catholics, Methodists, URC and others at the Priory Rooms, the Quaker owned conference centre in Birmingham.  In her introduction Anne… Continue Reading
Coventry Quakers Forest Garden - Over a period of 18 months, Coventry Quakers cleaned up some neglected ground in front of their meeting house and planted a garden on forest garden principles.  It includes a wide range of tasty and nutritious plants for foraging. Continue Reading
Links between the Environment and our Quaker Testimonies - In one forum meeting we used string in a practical exercise making links between a sustainable environment and Quaker testimonies to peace, equality, simplicity and truth. Links friends made during this activity included how a sustainable life style involves living simply but living simply today is different from 17th Century - now we have technology.  Strong links were made between sustainability and the peace testimony and how water, food and land shortages cause wars. Continue Reading
Interfaith Exhibitions & Conversations event - Forum members organised an Interfaith Exhibitions and Conversations event in the run up to the Paris Climate summit in November 2015.  Members of the different faith communities in Birmingham each presented a view of the environment from their faith perspective, learning from one another and building connections to work together in future. Continue Reading