The Quaker Display Trailer needs a new home

Can any Local Meetings, Area or Local Meeting committees or groups make use of a tent with banners, display boards, tables and chairs housed in a car-tow trailer?

Warwick Quakers no longer use their Quaker Display Trailer and it needs a new home.

The trailer contains:

  • A four metre blue-and-white striped hexagonal tent comprised of a central pole and pole base, roof and six side panels
  • Three pasting tables
  • Folding chairs
  • Blue metal/wood display boards
  • Table cloths
  • Spare wheel for trailer
  • Yellow anti-theft boot for the wheel
  • A mallett
  • Galvanised poles
  • Gauze Quaker banners to attach to the outside of the tent

If this is of interest, please contact Meg Harper on before Monday 12th February 2024. Please note you will need a car with a tow bar to transport the trailer