Together with Refugees

Quakers in Britain are part of the Together With Refugees (TWR) 🧡 coalition and your Area Meeting Asylum Group would like to encourage us to join in the TWR activities around Valentine’s Day as part of their campaigning up to and beyond the General Election.

We will therefore be inviting Friends to arrive early for Area Meeting at Bull Street on Saturday 27th January. From 12 noon onwards we hope that you will join us to make Valentine’s Day cards to send to MPs and other relevant political figures, calling for a fair and humane asylum system which shows compassion towards people seeking sanctuary and allowing them to retain their dignity.

We will provide suggested texts for messaging, coloured card, paper, felt pens and envelopes. We will also provide a list of the MPs for each constituency, and, where available, contact details for opposition election candidates. We will also include details of local councillors.

We may also be asking you to send Valentine’s Day cards to asylum-seekers in hotels or on the Bibby Stockholm barge; these will of course have a different message.

There will also be a small pack of materials and information provided for every Meeting as we hope that Friends locally can make more cards on the Sundays of 4th and 11th February.

We very much hope that you will support this initiative!