Asylum Group

Quakers believe that there is ‘that of God in everyone’: this leads us to work to welcome those seeking sanctuary into our community, and to challenge the ‘hostile environment’ for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

The purpose of the Central England Quaker Asylum Group is to be aware of the effects of the asylum system and to be alert to any changes, and to keep these matters before Quakers in Central England.

In the past the group has organised:

  • vigils,
  • letter-writing campaigns,
  • workshops to update Quakers on the current situation.

We have good links with Restore (a project run by Churches Together in Birmingham) & Birmingham City of Sanctuary and some of our members are active in the national Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network.

Quakers join Asylum Group because they have an active concern about asylum and refugee issues. It is open to any member or attender who shares these concerns (the group does not use a Quaker nominations process).

For further information please contact the clerk – .