Peacemakers Annual Report 2022 available

Our project Peacemakers (West Midlands Quaker Peace Education Project) present their annual report, detailing their activities educating for peace in 2022, including:

  • Delivering courses and programmes to 1553 children/young people and adults. 
  • Working with 995 children and 558 adults. 
  • Delivering programmes to 46 schools/organisations. 
  • Training 434 children to become peer mediators. 
  • Delivering 6 Peer Mediation programmes and 11 new Peer Mediation Plus programmes. 
  • Training 83 children to become Peace Explorers and 46 children to become Peacebuilders. 
  • Working with Peace Hub to deliver 9 Junior Peacemakers workshops to 373 children

“2022 had its challenges, but the collaboration and hard work of many people meant it was a successful year for Peacemakers. We do not know what the future holds; what is clear, however, is that what the world needs to face the challenges we know about, and the ones we don’t, is compassionate, courageous, conscientious citizens. We are preparing for just that, planting seeds of peace through peace education.”

Sara Hagel, Director, Peacemakers