Latest ‘Roundabout Central England’ Out Now

Central England Quakers Communications Committee are pleased to share the latest edition of our Area Meeting newsletter for Spring 2023.

Paper copies have been sent out, hopefully you have seen them at local meetings. These are great for outreach, and for taking a break from the screen, as well as for those who have limited online access. We hope you enjoy the ‘sunset’ colour for this edition.

The latest ‘Roundabout Central England’ includes:

  • Meeting for Joy;
  • Quaker Refugee Hosts;
  • New Beginnings After Journeymen Theatre;
  • Poetry Corner;
  • Responding to Racism;
  • Digital Communication Workshop;
  • J’Accuse! film discussion;
  • Plus notices & dates for your diary.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed.

For those who prefer a digital newsletter, you can download a PDF copy below:

For those who use a screen-reader, a text-only version in Word can be downloaded below: