The Future of the Woodbrooke Centre

The Trustees of Woodbrooke have issued a statement about the future of the centre:

“In its 120-year history Woodbrooke has grown and changed to meet the changing needs of Quakers both in Britain and further afield. From its initial conception as a one-year experiment, Woodbrooke has enabled thousands of Quakers to learn together as part of a much-valued Quaker community, supported by a dedicated team of staff, associate tutors and volunteers.

After careful discernment Woodbrooke Trustees have decided the time is now right for a new chapter in Woodbrooke’s history. Our intention is to allow Woodbrooke to focus on its founding purpose of fostering the vital ministry of Friends and transition responsibility for the buildings and grounds of The Woodbrooke Centre to our trusted partners at Bournville Village Trust.”

Woodbrooke Trustees

A full statement including the background to this decision (and what it means for both the future of the site and how the charity will continue to deliver learning) is available on the Woodbrooke website.

Woodbrooke is an independent charity, separate to Central England Quakers, but the centre’s location within our geographic area means the following part of the statement may particularly speak to Friends here:

“We are aware that this decision will be met with sadness by the many Friends whose lives have been enriched spiritually, educationally and socially by the opportunities offered at Woodbrooke. However, we would like Friends and local communities to be able to celebrate all that has been possible at the Woodbrooke Centre. Woodbrooke Trustees will be working with the Director, Sandra Berry, to make arrangements for marking the Woodbrooke Centre’s history through opportunities and events that will be publicised in the coming months.”

Woodbrooke Trustees