Registration Open for All Age Area Meeting

March Area Meeting will be an all-day, all-age meeting, and so we are asking Friends to register, in order to help us plan for activities on the day, catering, and the young people’s programme. Please register by Friday 3rd March. Read more about the programme and register.

This is a new style of holding of Area Meeting, which we are experimenting with following our day at Woodbrooke last year, asking ‘what does love require of us?’ We hope that there will be another all-age, all-day Area Meeting in October, as well as a further Special Area Meeting (following on from ‘what does love require of us?’) in May. We are asking Friends to register for each of these events (regular Area Business Meetings, and the Devotional Area Meeting in August will not require registration).

Following feedback from the Woodbrooke event, there is now an online form, and we ask Friends to register this way if you can (to help our administration):

A paper flier and booking form can now be downloaded and printed, to share with Friends without internet access (and copies will also be sent out to meetings):