Natural Art with Peacemakers

Libbs Packer from our project Peacemakers shared this natural artwork as part of their latest newsletter. The art was produced by primary school children, inspired by Anthony Goldsworth and Richard Shilling.

Families or Children’s Meetings might like to make your own: find any natural materials to create a piece of temporary art. Why not try it for yourself in the playground or park? No extra equipment needed, but don’t forget to take a photo, as the artwork will be dispersed back into nature.

[Photo shows a square frame of twigs, with a border of leaves and pebbles. The centre of the artwork is two leaf fronds surrounded by shells and dandelions.]

This activity is used in Junior Peacemakers, a joint project between Peacemakers and Peace Hub, encouraging pupils to explore Peace Within (Inner Peace); Peace Between (Peaceful Relationships) and Peace Throughout (Peaceful Communities). And that is just one of the many projects Peacemakers have been delivering this term, which you can read about in their Autumn 2021 Newsletter, including: