Update on Arrangements for the CEQ Office

Following the retirement of the Area Meeting Secretary at the end of July, Ann-Louise Rowlands is the Office Administrator.  Friends in Local Meetings and clerks to CEQ committees can continue to make their requests for office services in their usual way and Friends will be supported as before. The office opening hours are Monday to Wednesday, 10-3pm.  Please contact the office for support needed and any work required such as photocopying and mailing with reasonable notice. The phone number and email contacts remain the same as before.

Trustees have a Service Agreement in place with the Priory Rooms team to support the building work and lettings for the four properties in the Meeting House Management Group. This agreement is working well. Trustees have recently agreed with Andrew Callan an extension of this agreement to include administrative support for the Area Meeting office, and one of the Priory Rooms sales and marketing staff, Ann-Louise Rowlands, is acting as CEQ Office Administrator in addition to her normal Priory Rooms duties.

This arrangement benefits Priory Rooms at a time when their business activity is still being adversely affected by the pandemic, and it also benefits the CEQ charity by providing flexible access to a team of professional and experienced staff.

Alison Ironside (Area Meeting Clerk) James Bradbury (Treasurer to Trustees) and Judith Jenner (Clerk to Trustees) are supporting Ann-Louise initially as she gains experience of Area Meeting procedures and structures.