Low Carbon Commitment Forum

In 2011, Quakers in Britain made a commitment to become a low carbon community. The Central England Quakers Low Carbon Commitment Forum has met three times a year since, and provides opportunities for Quakers from across the Area Meeting to share progress in reducing carbon footprints and explore the challenges involved.  Most recently the Area Meeting decided to register to become an ‘Eco Area Meeting’ as part of the national A Rocha Eco Church scheme and asked low carbon forum members to support local meetings in becoming Eco Churches.

Coventry Quakers Forest Garden

Over a period of 18 months, Coventry Quakers cleaned up some neglected ground in front of their meeting house and planted a garden on forest garden principles.  It includes a wide range of tasty and nutritious plants for foraging.

Results of the Coventry’s labours – forest garden floor base level (photo : Jo Hallett)

Links between the Environment and our Quaker Testimonies

In one forum meeting we used string in a practical exercise making links between a sustainable environment and Quaker testimonies to peace, equality, simplicity and truth.

Links friends made during this activity included how a sustainable life style involves living simply but living simply today is different from 17th Century – now we have technology.  Strong links were made between sustainability and the peace testimony and how water, food and land shortages will cause wars.

Interfaith Exhibitions & Conversations event

Forum members organised an Interfaith Exhibitions and Conversations event in the run up to the Paris Climate summit in November 2015.  Members of the different faith communities in Birmingham each presented a view of the environment from their faith perspective, learning from one another and building connections to work together in future.

Members of different faith communities learn from each other.

Cotteridge Quakers’ solar panels

In 2010 Cotteridge Quaker meeting house installed a 11.2kWp solar photo voltaic array and was one first community buildings in the country to general solar electricity.  Insulating the meeting house and replacing storage heaters with heat pumps has reduced electricity consumption by about 90%.  Cotteridge meeting has achieved Silver Eco Church status and several members are active in the Low Carbon Forum .

Cotteridge meeting and its new solar panels in 2010.