Coronavirus Guidance

Following government instructions, and guidance issued by Paul Parker, Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) Recording Clerk, all Meeting Houses, as Places of Worship, were closed on 18 March 2020.  The timing of the re-opening of Places of Worship (for Meetings for Worship and use by hirers) will be determined by the government but as an Area Meeting we will need to follow guidance from both the government and BYM. 

At Area Meeting level guidance will be provided by the CEQ charity Trustees who are responsible for both health & safety and compliance with regulations.  Trustees have set up a small “C19 project team” to develop guidance for Local Meetings and Branches and to provide advice and practical support to Friends.  The guidance is evolving all the time, and Meetings will be receiving regular “Bulletins” together with new or revised supporting documents. 

The documents currently available are listed below:


BYM guidance

Other guidance