A different future is possible

Quakers in Britain have worked with other Quaker organisations around the world to issue a joint statement condemning the violence in Palestine and Israel and calling for action to bring about peace. All Friends meetings, churches, schools, and organisations are invited to endorse this call for peace with justice. 

“Even in this time of violence and pain, we hold the belief that a different future, free from injustice and violence, is possible. Lasting peace and reconciliation will be realised when both past and ongoing injustices are acknowledged and addressed, ensuring freedom, dignity, equal rights, and justice for all people living in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Let us work together to make this vision a reality.

Now is the time for action. As Quakers and as peacemakers we are called to actively live into our testimonies of equality and peace.”

An extract from the statement ‘A different future is possible’.

Read the full statement and sign it, via the American Friends Service Committee website: