Support the Inter Faith Network

Claire Bowman, CEQ Ecumenical and Interfaith Coordinator, urges Friends to consider signing a petition in support of the Inter Faith Network, which faces imminent closure due to a sudden withdrawal of government funding.

The deadline to sign the petition ‘Michael Gove: Keep your pledge on Inter Faith Network funding!’ is 18th March 2024:

Horrified at the imminent closure of the crucial Inter Faith Network (IFN), Quakers in Britain are urging the government to reconsider its funding withdrawal, and are supporting the petition.

The Interfaith Network has been working for interfaith harmony in this country and its demise could lead to unforeseen consequences in terms of community relations. Quakers are long-standing members of the IFN, widely acknowledged as a trusted and effective UK-wide body working to deepen inter faith understanding and co-operation.

Michael Gove at the Department of Levelling Up has failed to send £150,000 which was needed to tide the network over until it could find other sources of funding. He objected to one of the trustees of the organisation who is a member of the Muslim Council of Britain a large organisation (which numbers among its members schools, community organisations etc) which the government does not approve of. It is not a proscribed organisation and this decision is seen as unwarranted government interference.

It is hoped that if enough people sign this petition the government will have to relent. I hope that many Quakers will want to sign it.