Woodbrooke tapestries looking for a home

John Lampen shares news of tapestries previously held at Woodbrooke, and how Quaker meetings and other bodies can request one.

Many Friends will remember a series of remarkable tapestries in the corridors at Woodbrooke woven, and in most cases designed, by Elisabeth Holmgaard. She was a Danish Friend who came to Woodbrooke in the 1970s to “organise the catering”.

With the closing of Woodbrooke the collection will have to be dispersed. Fully illustrated catalogues of them are being made and given to Friends House Library and the Quaker Tapestry at Kendal. The Woodbrooke trustees and the Quaker Arts Network (which is helping Woodbrooke in this) hope that the tapestries will find new Quaker homes in Britain: in Meeting Houses, Quaker Schools and other Quaker venues.

If any Meeting or other group would like to consider acquiring one, they can view them and see their dimensions at hopeproject.co.uk/holmgaard where there is contact information. There will be no charge except the cost of delivery.