The challenges and rewards of holding roles

Solihull Quaker Caroline Gibbs presents an offer to Friends from Restoring Relations, of listening spaces on the topic of Quaker roles.

Holding roles in our Quaker Meetings can be both rewarding and challenging. As part of its on-going programme to introduce the practice of listening spaces in the Quaker community, Restoring Relations is to hold a series of four online Quaker Listening Spaces. The aim of these sessions is to provide those holding roles, or considering taking up a role, an opportunity to share their experience and hear from others.

A listening space is a group activity where people come together in a facilitated space to share experiences and thoughts with others to gain a better appreciation of a situation or topic.

The purpose of a listening space is to gain better and wider understanding, not to make decisions, find solutions or hold a debate. A listening space can be part of a decision-making process, but its goal is to provide a space for everyone to be heard in a safe environment.

Each session will introduce the foundations of holding a listening space and provide a taster of how this practice can be of value to individuals and meetings. Download more information about listening spaces.

Each event is free and places are limited. You can sign up for the online events between September and December.

We ask you to only sign up for one session as the intention of these sessions is to give as many people as possible an opportunity to experience a listening space.