Peace Hub Annual Report & Financial Appeal

Pete Doubtfire, Coordinator of our project Peace Hub, shares their Annual Report for 2022 and appeal for financial support.

Peace Hub is pleased to share its annual report for 2022 – we hope that you enjoy reading about our work last year, engaging the public with peace and social justice. 

In 2022 Peace Hub built back from Covid, welcoming back first our regulars, and then walk-in visitors as the year progressed. Returning to our friendly café-style layout in the Hub, we were able to hold fruitful discussions on complex topics, connecting with people’s concerns. We tapped into the buzz around the Commonwealth Games to recreate a space that allowed different opinions to be heard and shared values to be found.

You will see in the ‘Future Plans’ section on page 7, that we have exciting ideas that are being put into action this year and into the future – and these need your support!

We are appealing to Local Meetings to support some of our core costs.  A Trust from whom we have received generous support towards core costs in the past is undergoing organisational changes, and much of our fundraising from other Trusts this year is focussed on the Peace Ambassadors project. So we are asking Friends to support Peace Hub’s core work, as our vision statement sets out:

“As Quakers we are called to act for Peace and Justice. Peace Hub seeks to provide a centre from which an inclusive community is inspired to take up this call.”

Please consider making a donation, using the details on page 7 of the annual report, or via the Peace Hub website. If you are unable to send a donation now but hope to do so later in the year please let us know so that we can plan for it.  (Contact James Bradbury, Treasurer via ).  Many thanks to individual Friends and Meetings who have already given generously this year. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch, our contact details are on page 4 of the report, or via the Peace Hub website.

Paper copies of the report will be sent to all Local Meetings for internal distribution, but additional copies are available on request from the Peace Hub.