Planting Seeds for Peace

Peacemakers’ spring newsletter is out, and opens with a reflection on planting seeds for peace:

A retired Peacemakers trainer was out walking and someone approached him and said, “I remember you, you’re Adam aren’t you?” A bit surprised, Adam nodded.

“Twenty-five years ago you and your wife came out to my school in Telford when I was the headteacher, to train some children in mediation. It was absolutely life changing. I can’t thank you enough.”

We plant the seeds and who knows how deep and far the fruits go!

Peacemakers (West Midlands Peace Education Project) is a branch of Central England Quakers. They work with both adults and children to develop skills, knowledge, behaviour and systems that develop peaceful behaviour and environments and help communities find creative ways to deal with conflict and harm.

You can read their latest newsletter which features articles on:

  • How will you invest in our planet?
  • People who are making a difference: an activity for 9-11 year olds
  • Junior Peacemakers Workshop Guide including climate justice and many more
  • Could you save the planet?
  • Why do restorative approaches work?
  • Cake for mediation!
  • Peer Mediation Plus – how is it going?