Calling any Quakers who sign

Lin Singh-Barrington of Selly Oak Meeting is looking for any Quakers who use British Sign Language (BSL):

I’m currently training to become an English teacher in Further Education and have met some wonderful teachers of BSL at an Adult Education Service on my placement. Their enthusiasm is rather infectious!

I’ve started an absolute beginners course online but would really like to practice with someone who signs to get more skilled in my free time. I have a feeling that this might relate to my future vocation and therefore would be delighted to find a Friend to practice with.

Online or in person, (could be for as little as 20 minutes from time to time). Contact Lin via the details in the blue membership book.

I’ve recently been in touch with Quaker Disability Equality group and have found their work interesting. Perhaps one day, it may be possible to have Advices & Queries in BSL format?