Poppy kits: Remembrance belongs to us all

CEQ Peace Committee are sending poppy kits to all local meetings in our area, with an invitation. Kits will be available to collect at Area Meeting on Saturday, so hopefully they will arrive at most meeting this Sunday. (If your meeting is not sending a representative to Sept AM, please get in touch with Cathy Khurana to arrange getting your kit, details in the blue membership book.)

We are asking you to contribute to marking Remembrance this year in the following ways.

1.We encourage you to use the materials in the pack as well as any of your own (stones, egg boxes, plastic bottle bases and general junk/found materials) to make poppies for display in your meeting house, its garden or your own home and garden.

2.To share some of what you have made towards the display which will be in the Peace Hub window during October and November. Any contributions to be sent or given to Pete Doubtfire at Peace Hub or Reception at the Priory Rooms by mid October. You are similarly invited to join us on Saturday 5th November, for the ‘official opening’ of our beautiful Peace Poppy Mosaics in their new home in the garden at Bull St.

3. If possible please ask your local shops and community centres to display a postcard and also consider sending one to your local MP and council members.

Our purpose is to raise awareness of the messages and ideas behind the various coloured poppies. The red poppy is strongly associated with loss of life in armed conflict and the white poppy is often perceived as disloyal to those who have died in those circumstances. By including poppies of different colours in our displays we hope to widen understanding of these symbols of Remembrance.

We hope you will put your creative heads on and enjoy making your displays. We’d love to see photos of anything you create – please send to office@peacehub.org.uk

Image: Poppy wreath laid by Walsall Quakers on remembrance day.