Rethinking Security at Peace Hub

Our project Peace Hub have begun a new theme: Safe & Sound – how can we create security for everyone?

Traditionally we see security as safety from threats. So often at the Hub, when we’re suggesting actions to support each other, people react with a note of fear: “it would be nice, but what if X happened?”. Fear can make us favour short-term solutions that take away the immediate threat, but don’t solve the underlying problems.

Is there another way? If we see security as ‘freedom to live’, rather than ‘avoiding threats’, could it help us to take a long-term approach that creates a just and peaceful world for all of us?

The Rethinking Security network (of which several Quaker organisations are members) suggest a new model of security based on these principles:

  • Meeting people’s basic needs;
  • Protecting human rights;
  • Promoting climate justice;
  • Improving social equality;
  • Investing in peacebuilding, dialogue and cooperation.

Quakers have a long history of practising and promoting these approaches – and we know from experience that it’s not easy! This idea of security takes patience, and can involve giving up some of our power, as well as working with those we previously viewed as enemies. The good news is that many individuals, communities and organisations are joining us in putting these ideas into practice, so there’s lots of experience we can share and learn from.

Pop into Peace Hub, throughout the rest of 2022 to explore these issues and get ideas for action, including supporting the campaigns to help meet our basic needs,and Together with Refugees. Plus: watch this space for a joint creative project with CEQ Peace Committee around white poppies, which we’ll be asking local meetings to join in with soon.