Newsletter now available online & in print

Please look out for the latest edition of Roundabout Central England which is being distributed to Meetings. If you would like extra copies some are available from Peace Hub, you are welcome to drop-in and collect some mid-week.

You can also access the digital version of the newsletter below as a PDF, or as a text-only Word document for those using screen-readers:

And please let us know your news – both for the next newsletter and the email newsfeed: We love to hear what is happening in Local Meetings across the Area. We are currently getting plenty of events to include, but not so many non-event news items, so please do send reflections on living our faith, reports on activities, or initiatives that your Meeting is involved in that others may want to join.

Later this autumn Communications Committee is hoping to hold an event exploring digital communication, and how we can share the life of our Meetings within our Area and with the wider world. More details will be shared here.