Epistle from Yearly Meeting

The Epistle from Britain Yearly Meeting 2022 is now available as text and read in a video by Clerk Siobhan Haire.

Friends gathered for Yearly Meeting at Friends House in London, Hemel Hempstead and online. Faith in action meetings took place online in the previous week.

Amid the challenges of the climate emergency, wars in Europe and elsewhere in the world, a global pandemic, and a cost of living crisis, it has been important to address the interwoven strands of faith, community and action. All three are necessary – we are challenged to explore how our faith connects us with one other and how we act in the world.

Yearly Meeting Epsitle 2022

Read the full epistle of Britain Yearly Meeting 2022 (PDF)

Minutes and other documents from Yearly Meeting are also available to download from the BYM website.