Further reflections and resources on Ukraine

Britain Yearly Meeting have now put all the statements and resources they have gathered on Ukraine in one place on their website: quaker.org.uk/ukraine

On 6th March the national representative Quaker body, Meeting for Sufferings, gathered in worship. Oliver Robertson shared some prepared ministry on the complex web of issues as major armed conflict has arisen again in Europe.

For Rethinking Security, Quakers Diana Francis and Andrew Rigby have written about the appalling tragedy unfolding in Ukraine. Acknowledging the right of Ukrainians to resist the invasion of their country by any means, they make the case for a cessation of military struggle, in favour of civilian-based resistance which might avert the ‘desertification’ of their land, its institutions, its infrastructure and its social fabric.

The Bishop of Coventry, Christopher Cocksworth, delivered a talk on The Nuclear Threat in the 21st Century at a public meeting on 5 March 2022 organised by Coventry Lord Mayor’s Committee for Peace and Reconciliation. Coventry Quakers are part of the Committee and a transcript of the talk is included in this week’s edition of The Friend.

US Quaker activist George Lakey recently gave an online talk ‘Is there a nonviolent response to aggression?’, a video of which has been shared by Peace News: