Latest ‘Roundabout Central England’ Out Now

Central England Quakers Communications Committee are pleased to share the latest edition of our Area Meeting newsletter for February / March 2022.

Paper copies have been sent out and should be available at local meetings this Sunday. These are great for outreach, and for taking a break from the screen, as well as for those who have limited online access. We hope you enjoy the ‘berry’ colour for this edition.

The latest ‘Roundabout Central England’ includes:

  • “The Beauty of Life in the Everyday” – new mandala at Kings Heath;
  • Quaker Life Representative Council;
  • Live, Love, Learn at Peace Hub;
  • 17th Century Black Country Quaker, Abraham Darby the First memorial monument;
  • Climate Emergency Action – Latest News;
  • New Quaker book on Nonviolent Action;
  • BBC airs drama filmed at Bull Street;
  • Plus notices & dates for your diary.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed.

For those who prefer a digital newsletter, you can download a PDF copy below:

For those who use a screen-reader, a text-only version in Word can be downloaded below: