Just Stop Oil: what next?

Jo Hindley reflects on a talk given by Larch Maxey “Our Responsibilities at This Time: Just Stop Oil” at Cotteridge Quaker Meeting House on 13th February, and highlights some next steps (updated with videos):

Larch’s talk was, in the words of one of our Friends who attended, both “very interesting and terrifying”. 

For those who missed it, an online version of the talk is being organised by Christian Climate Action on Sunday 27th February – sign up via Eventbrite. You can view the talk at Cotteridge below:

Following the talk there were two personal reflections: watch Peter’s Story, watch Melanie’s Story. You can also download the handout from the sessions.

Many felt moved to sign up for non-violent direct action (NVDA) training and help get others on board to do what is non-violently necessary to try and avert disaster. As Sir David King, founder and chair of the Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge University and former Chief Scientific Advisor to multiple UK governments, says:

“What we do over the next three to four years, I believe, is going to determine the future of humanity. We are in a very very desperate situation.”

Sir David King, 2021

At the Birmingham Faith Leaders meeting at Carrs Lane post COP, attendees discussed how those who feel they cannot take NVDA can uphold and support those who are by being: “visible, vocal and holding vigil.”

A new coalition of individuals and groups called Beyond Fossil FuelsTogether, is organising a Vigil and Fast in front of Parliament (and/or locally with Friends and local Churches) for 2 weeks commencing Sunday 6th March in support of the three demands:

  • No New Fossil Fuel Investment
  • No New Fossil Fuel Licences
  • End Fossil Fuel Subsidies Now

Please join us in fasting & vigiling either in London or locally – website: Beyond Fossil Fuels Together, Facebook event.