Approaching the Bible: Spring Series

A further series of sessions engaging with scripture, led by Quaker Hillary Johnson.

The Spring Series will continue to explore the thinking of René Girard that we began in the autumn last year.  Each session will focus on a particular story from the last week of Jesus’ life, leading to his crucifixion, and to Girard’s understanding of the significance of the empty tomb in his exploration of the scapegoat mechanism.

Meetings will usually follow the pattern:

  • 15-20mins: Introduction
  • 15-20mins: Break out groups: Discussion
  • 5-10mins: Return to main room – brief comments
  • 15-20mins: Break out Groups: Discussion
  • 20mins: Return to main room – comments and conclusion

For details of the Zoom link, please contact Claire Bowman or Hilary Johnson on

Upcoming dates & topics:

Details of events will be shared here when appropriate.