New Quaker book on Nonviolent Action

Coventry Quaker Andrew Rigby has recently published a new book:

Sowing Seeds for the Future

Exploring the Power of Constructive Nonviolent Action

“This is a unique book that explores a neglected aspect of many well-known movements in world history, drawing out examples of “constructive action” employed in very different struggles. Rigby draws both from a life-long experience with radical activism, and from social science, discussing how it might be helpful to view different types and tactics of movement activities as “constructive” or as “resistance,” and sometimes as “constructive resistance.” This is the perfect book for anyone interested in an overview of how constructive nonviolent direct action can be integrated into everyday life and thereby contribute to processes of change, even during wartime and against organized crime.”

The book can be ordered online from Lulu, or by contacting Andrew directly via the blue membership book for a special discount.

View a flyer and contents page for the book.