Yearly Meeting Gathering

Registration is now open for online Yearly Meeting Gathering 2021. General registration is open until 19th July, but please note that registration for the children and young people’s programme closes on 27th June.

Yearly Meeting Gathering (YMG) will take place from 19th July to 8th August. Yearly Meeting in session will be held between 31st July and 8th August. Yearly Meeting Gathering will be an online event and free to attend.

YMG will be an online event for hundreds of Quakers to gather in stillness to listen to stories of experience and to the promptings of love and truth.

All Friends are welcome to attend. If you are an Attender, speak to an Elder or Overseer in your Meeting about requesting permission to attend Yearly Meeting in session.

Visit the dedicated Yearly Meeting Gathering website to book your place, review the documents in advance, and view the programme.