Howard and Murray’s ‘Dales Way DEC appeal’

Quaker Howard Saunders explains why he is walking the Dales Way, past a site of historic importance to Quakers, to raise money for the DEC.

Having decided some time ago to enjoy the Dales Way eighty mile walk from Ilkley to Lake Windermere in celebration of the end of the ‘lockdown’, a good friend Murray and I have decided to also use it as a platform for raising funds for Disasters Emergency Committee’s (DEC) appeal for the coronavirus crisis in India.  The Dales Way passes ‘Fox’s Pulpit’ which we plan to visit.

DEC Appeal

Although our experience of Covid 19 in the UK has been tragic the experience of much poorer countries, often without a national health system, is much worse and for everybody’s sake we want to be able to respond in some way to the present crisis.

DEC is composed of thirteen of the major charities working in the developing world including Oxfam, Islamic Relief, Action Aid and the Red Cross.  They have already been responsible for raising some £41m since they began a coronavirus appeal in July last year for seven countries including the refugee camps in Syria and Bangladesh and for Yemen and the Souther Sudan.  In view of the recent devastating coronavirus surge in India a decision was taken to add India to the list and as from 28th April all funds raised will be used to address the crisis there.

Any support for our ‘Dales Way DEC Appeal’ will be much appreciated and if you are able to pass it on to a friend that will be good too.  If you would like to support the appeal, visit our Just Giving page.

Fox’s Pulpit

On 13th June, 1652 Fox addressed a group of one thousand Seekers who had gathered on Firbank Fell and exactly three hundred and sixty-nine years later Murray and I will visit ‘Fox’s Pulpit’.  Fox reportedly spoke for three hours with such authority that many people joined him and his small accompanying group.  The event is generally recognised as the ‘start of the Quaker movement’. When visiting the outcrop of rock from which George spoke, Murray and I hope to also attend the meeting for worship at Brigflatts Quaker Meeting.

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