Responding to the ‘New Plan for Immigration’

Central England Quakers Peace Committee responds to the recent proposals by the Home Office, and suggests actions that Friends can take (the deadline for responding is 5th May). This action was supported at Area Meeting on 22nd April.

We have taken note of the Home Office’s ‘New Plan for Immigration’ and are dismayed by the attitudes and agenda which underpin it.

Unusually, the consultation on this document has been made open to individuals as well as groups and organisations. We note that QARN (Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network) are producing guidelines on how to respond. Peace Committee would like to commend these guidelines to Area Meeting, and also to encourage constituent Local Meetings and individual Friends to respond to the consultation in their own right.

The consultation questionnaires are very complicated so please set aside some time to complete it, and make use of the guidance available. The deadline for responding is 5th May.

The QARN guidance documents and other support can be found at this link: