News from Friends House Moscow

Barbara Forbes, a Bull St Quaker and board member of Friends House Moscow recommends an article on Translating Quaker Texts into Russian in Friend’s Journal (the North American Quaker magazine).

“Quakerism, in its fullness, is something impossible to spread with texts only. Quakerism is not something of the letter; it is something of the spirit. But it is possible to tell a story about Quakerism: to show that there is a religious tradition, within whose framework there exists a practice of resolving spiritual problems.”

Natalia Zhuravenkova and Sergei Grushko, Friends House Moscow

Friends House Moscow works to promote peace and a just, fair and caring society, and help underprivileged groups and individuals, in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

They also tell Russian-speaking people about Quakers, who we are and what we do. In relation to this, the article explores the questions:

  • To what end do we translate?
  • For whom do we translate?
  • What do we translate?
  • Who is able to translate?
  • In what way do we translate?

Read the full article in Friends Journal.