Quaker insights in the context of ecological crisis

Prior to lockdown, Bournville Meeting was hosting a monthly gathering on the second Wednesday of each month working its way through a nine-part series of study sessions entitled “Quaker Insights in the context of Ecological Crisis” devised by Stuart Masters of the Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre. The March meeting was the sixth in the series.

We have decided to run the last three sessions on the second Wednesdays of October, November and December, as before from 10.30 to 11.30, but on zoom.  The earlier sessions were attended by many Friends from a wide range of local meetings. Please feel free to join even if you have not been to any of the earlier sessions; it will be much easier by zoom than having to make a trip to Bournville Friends Meeting House!

If you are interested please e-mail bournville@centralenglandquakers.org.uk asking us to send you the login details.  

The meetings will begin with around 20 minutes of Quaker worship, and then a further 40 minutes exploring how the ecological insight for the day can help us in our daily lives.

All the sessions can be downloaded below, but please remember that the sessions listed for April May and June, will now take place in October November and December, and on zoom, rather than at Bournville Meeting House.:

Upcoming dates:

Details of events will be shared here when appropriate.