Reflections on Earth Day

22nd April 2020 saw the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and Footsteps, in partnership with Central England Quakers and others, marked the occasion with an online gathering: Our Cities and Climate.

There were nearly 150 participants in total over three sessions – from Birmingham; across the UK; India; Armenia and elsewhere. Each session consisted of five blocks of pre-recorded contributions:

  • faith community;
  • music, art and poetry;
  • around the world;
  • cities taking the lead;
  • lessons for Birmingham.

There were short periods for reflection between blocks and a 20 minute moderated discussion at the end. Links between the need for climate action and the present Covid-19 emergency emerged as strong themes throughout the gathering. A final reflection drew together the threads of sabbath and solidarity, awe and action.

You can view the pre-recorded contributions, and read more about the contributors on the Footsteps website, alongside a summary of the ideas that emerged throughout the event, from contributors and participants.

It is hoped that this event helps spark further reflection, discussion and action, and that those who are interested can make use of the resources that have been generated and collated. The key themes that emerged have been fed into Birmingham’s Route to Zero Taskforce, developing plans for the city.

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