Global Warming Silent Vigil St Philip’s Square

The ‘Global Warming’ Weekly Silent Vigil outside St Philip’s Cathedral, are continuing every Wednesday 1.30-1.45pm (except for Christmas Day & New Years Day). Howard Saunders of Bournville Quaker Meeting invites others to join him:

In an attempt to keep the issue of climate change and global warming in the forefront of people’s minds beyond the excitement of the recent mass demonstrations I thought it might be a good idea to hold a regular brief silent vigil outside St Philip’s Cathedral. My idea is that the vigil should be open to anyone and should not be associated with any particular faith nor group.

I hope that the vigil will be attractive to people on their lunchbreaks in the city centre and that it might be something which would interest Friends attending the Wednesday meeting for worship at Bull Street.

The vigils take place at 1.30 every Wednesday – we stand to the north east of the cathedral (near Rackhams/House of Fraser) holding a simple banner which reads “Global Warming Silent Vigil”. Anyone would be very welcome to join in.  The first vigil was held on Wednesday the 23rd October and attracted 15 people by the end.

I have shared the idea with the Dean of St Philip, Matt Thompson and he has said that although a political protest would be difficult, “we wouldn’t seek to move on people quietly exercising their right to free speech or dignified protest”.

Upcoming dates:

Details of events will be shared here when appropriate.