Walking with Hope

The Nene Way – Sponsored Walk.

Elaine Smith and Sue Jenkins of Central England Quakers have decided to complete a sponsored walk in September 2019 in aid of refugees.

What do we want to do?

We have decided to walk The Nene Way from Badby in Northamptonshire to Sutton Bridge in Lincolnshire, approximately 112 miles, over 9 days during September 2019. We want to raise money for the Hope Project in Birmingham and increase awareness of the difficulties many Asylum Seekers face upon entering the UK. We hope to have other Friends and some asylum seekers currently living in Birmingham, joining us for some parts of the journey (see itinerary).

Our involvement with Hope House:

We belong to a group of women from Cotteridge Quaker Meeting who have befriended 6 women from a local Hope House and have organised regular activities for them and other asylum seekers in Hope Housing across the city. Cotteridge and Edgbaston Meetings have been involved in raising funds to purchase a cooker for the house. The kitchen needs substantial upgrading and we would like to raise money towards this. We are pleased that the women report that with the new cooker, mealtime has become one of community and pleasure, rather than inconvenience and frustration.

Support from Hope Project:

Hope Projects are supportive of our walk and have helped us with organising a donation page.

How might Friends in Central Area England Meeting support us and asylum seekers during our walk:

  • joining us for a few miles of our journey
  • upholding us, and asylum seekers, in Meetings during the duration of our walk
  • joining us for a Meeting for Worship at the beginning or end of a day’s walk
  • giving a donation to Hope Project
  • embroidering or painting a ray of hope (a message to asylum seekers and refugees on a provided material sunray, that will be collected and presented to a Hope House after the walk.

Contact Sue & Elaine using the form below (or on 0121 459 0111) for more information.