News from Peace Centre Cape Town

For seven years from 2010, Central England Quakers supported and raised money for the Quaker Peace Centre in Cape Town.  Bob Morris gives an update on the Centre’s work:

After experiencing a crisis in 2017, the Centre has developed a new vision and direction.  At the beginning of April 2018, it opened an Information and Support Hub in Khayelitsha, a very large low-income township near Cape Town that has very high levels of poverty, unemployment, crime and violence. It is also involved in advocating for legislative changes and seeks to hold accountable those who were/are responsible for the large scale corruption recently witnessed in the country.

Central England Quakers continued to provide support during a difficult transition period for the Centre making the final transfer of funds raised in the UK in January 2019. Carole Rakodi, convenor of the Cape Town Quaker Peace Centre Committee, and Carol Bower, interim director of the Peace Centre, have written an illustrated article for The Friend dated 6 March (requires subscription to view) which describes in much more detail the work that is now being done by the Centre which continues to honour and be bound by the Quaker values of non-violence, tolerance, respect for diversity and speaking truth to power in a very challenging environment.