Inclusion & Diversity Survey

A request for participation in a simple survey, from Edwina Peart, coordinator of the Inclusion and Diversity Project at Britain Yearly Meeting.

Dear Friend,

As the coordinator of the Inclusion and Diversity Project, my role is to help the Quaker community in Britain develop in more inclusive ways. Yearly Meeting 2017 heard “a call to examine our diversity,” and to that end we are conducting a baseline audit – effectively an examination of our present situation. This work was supported by Meeting for Sufferings in October 2018, but for it to be a meaningful exercise we need your participation.

Please complete the survey form, one for yourself and one for each child (under 16) for whom you are responsible. It is completely anonymous: I am asking for personal details, but none that can be traced to you as an individual. The data will be collected, stored and analysed by me, Edwina Peart, and confidentiality is guaranteed.

Our aim is to remove all barriers to participation in our Society. But we cannot begin to develop any new strategies without first understanding our current position.

“If you treasure it, you measure it.”