Look out for the new printed newsletter

Each local meeting in the area should be receiving some copies of ‘News from Central England Quakers’ a new printed version of our Area Meeting newsletter.

We aim to produce this style of newsletter every 2-3 months, featuring some of the stories from our website and email newsfeed that are less time-sensitive. We appreciate that whilst more and more people are using online communication, not everyone does (and that sometimes it’s nice to have a physical magazine in your hand).

The selection this month includes feedback from events where Quakers have had a prescence; news about work for sustainability and equality carried out by Quakers and our projects; reflections on spirituality and Quakerism from local meetings; and a look back into the Central England archives.

If you have an idea for an article in a future newsletter please contact website@centralenglandquakers.org.uk or 0121 238 2869.