Food Donations Wanted

B30 Foodbank in Birmingham and Peace House Night Shelter in Coventry are both looking for donations of non-perishable food.  People are often generous in the run up to Christmas, but our Quaker concern not to be enthralled to times and seasons reminds us that this support is needed all year round.

“For friends who might pass Cotteridge Church (on the double roundabout) or a collection point: the Trussell Trust B30 Foodbank has very bare shelves. They’re desperate for donations of pasta, rice, longlife milk, tinned tomatoes, beans, fish, meat, rice pudding, custard, toilet rolls, babies’ nappies, sanitary towels, etc. More information on the Trussel Trust website.

“The Peace House night shelter needs: sugar, breakfast cereal (particularly cornflakes), rice, jam and toothpaste plus fresh fruit, peanut butter, juice, and snacks people can take away such as crisps or other individually packaged items. Contact Beth Ash, Shelter Co-ordinator 07443428916  (please text or whatsapp)”