New theme at Peace Hub: Our Shared Environment

One of our branches, Peace Hub have announced their new theme for autumn/winter 2017:

Our Shared Environment: let’s celebrate and protect the places we love.

The Hub uses themes to highlight topics for which Quakers feel called to put our faith into action, in line with the Quaker testimonies of peace, equality, simplicty and truth.  The Hub is a friendly cafe-style space, which helps both Quakers and the public find simple ways to find out more and take action on these topics.

The ‘Our Shared Environment’ theme is all about thinking about the parts of our local environment that we love, and how we can protect them.  You can pop into Peace Hub on Bull St, Birmingham from now till the end of 2017 to:

Photo: Lickey Hills near Birmingham, by Pete Ashton CC2.0-BY-NC