01/11/2020, 7:15 pm - 9:00 pm


Coventry Quaker Mig Kerr invites you to join an online soulsinging session:

I run regular ‘soulsinging’ sessions online using Zoom, in which we sing short, simple pieces of a spiritual nature in a meditative atmosphere.

On Sunday 1st November I am opening my usual session to all members and attenders in Central England Quakers. To join please contact

I teach using the Natural Voice method of learning by ear, so there is no need to read music; the singing is unaccompanied.

In online singing you can only hear the leader (me) and yourself at home. The benefits are still the joys of singing with others (whom you can see but not hear) and using your body, breath and voice to centre you.

Many have said they are more confident to sing out as no-one else can hear them! Many of the pieces are rounds and it is possible to sing in 2-part harmony against me.

I have increasingly found myself singing one of the pieces as ministry in Meeting for Worship.

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