Invitation to Elders, Overseers & Pastoral Care team members

05/06/2021, 10:30 am - 4:00 pm


Elders’ & Overseers’ Support Group are facilitating a session entitled “How can Quakers manage their conflicts well?” on Zoom led by John & Diana Lampen, for Elders, Overseers and other Pastoral Care team members.  This event is only for people in these roles, but participants will be bringing what they have learned back to their Local Meeting.

The day will start at 10.30 am for a 2-hour morning session then after a lunch break will carry on at 14.00 for another 2 hours.

The session will focus primarily on prevention of conflict, both between individuals and in wider settings such as (but not only) Quaker meetings.

As we are all aware, once a conflict situation has arisen it can be hard to de-escalate, so some knowledge about preventing such situations is very useful.

As it is taking place on Zoom, the numbers for this event are limited to 24 (so that everyone can be on one screen).

An invitation has already been sent out to Local Meetings but we still have a number of places available, so if you are an Elder, Overseer or Pastoral Team member and would like to attend, please email Jane using the details in that invitation, and she will send you the Zoom details.

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